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author/writer/researcher/broadcaster & occasional photographer

Robert Bluffield

Although now technically retired after operating a busy photographic studio for 37-years, I now spend much of my time writing books, magazine articles and web content for a variety of clients. Instead of lugging heavy cameras and lighting about, I find it far more gentile to sit at my computer here in Milton Keynes and create meaningful words rather than digital images. However, this does not mean I have given up photography completely. From time-to-time I am persuaded to pick up my cameras whenever a writing project requires my personal input.

I like to think that I write lively texts on a broad range of applications and interesting subjects. This includes producing painstakingly researched material for feature articles intended for publication. I am also working on my third book of the millennium while ghost writing an intriguing biography about a magician. In the past I have written extensively on topics such as travel, motoring, food & drink, health, politics, history, civil aviation, business and lifestyles.

I hope that my health will remain sufficiently strong for a good few years yet to allow me the opportunity to continue offering my copywriting and editorial services to clients in the UK and across the world.

My retirement from the highly competitive world of professional photography now also gives me the time to pursue my new hobby as a radio broadcaster. This began with a chance invitation to appear on an internet-based radio station here in Milton Keynes that led to more than three happy, and indeed productive, years as a presenter and scriptwriter on two weekly shows – ‘The Grumpy Old Men’ and ‘Pop and Rock Legends’. The former evolved initially as a three-strong team that discussed current affairs and issues live on air. The original ‘cast’ of veteran broadcaster, Mike Barry, Alan Mallyon and myself was later complimented by the former Labour MP, Brian White. Together we made a formidable and popular team. Sadly, Brian succumbed and died suddenly of cancer in mid-2016 just as we were preparing to relaunch the programme on CRMK.

This web site illustrates some of the work that I have undertaken and has links to examples of published features and websites that I have contributed to. For convenience I also include some useful links to external sites that may be of interest.

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